Year after year we accept all the challenges of our clients, adapting our fleet to the transport of oversized loads that grow bigger and heavier every time.
Here are the stories of some of them:
Anno dopo anno accogliamo tutte le sfide lanciate dai nostri clienti, adattando la nostra flotta per il trasporto di carichi eccezionali sempre più voluminosi e pesanti.
In questa pagina ne raccontiamo alcune:

80 tons oversized transport

Transport of a ‘’Cold Box’’ to Marghera Port

Oversized transport of an 80 tons ‘’Cold Box’’ destinated to Spain that was assembled in our 25.000 m² warehouse.

Transformer to Greece

Heavy Transport Italy – Greece

Oversized heavy transport from Italy to Kozani, Greece.

6mt modules to Corinth, Greece

Oversized 6mt wide transport to Greece

Oversized transport of two 6mt wide modules Italy – Corinth, Greece.

Wide modules loading

Loading in depot of 6mt wide modules

Loading of 6mt wide modules from our depot in Marghera onto 8 axle trailer with hydraulic suspensions.

Transport of wide modules

Transport and self-unloading of wide modules

Transport of 6mt wide modules from our depot to Marghera Port and self-unloading onto concrete blocks.

Unloading of wide modules on vessel

Transhipment of wide modules from truck to vessel

Operations performed inside Marghera port, for the transport of 6mt wide modules to Algeria.